Aon Teanga-Un Çhengey - Amhránaíocht sna teangacha Gaelacha

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Aon Teanga-Un Çhengey

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Aon Teanga is a bold, new, and unequivocally unique project, reuniting the song traditions of the Gaelic nations: Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

At one time, the Gaelic influence – politically, culturally, linguistically – extended as one down the length of Scotland, Ireland and Man, with the sea as the main highway between. The Gaelic language was a single tongue, uniting folk across Sruth na Maoile and the Irish Sea. But while there have been many moves to re-establish Scottish-Irish links in recent times, there has never been – until now – a project that unites the three Gaelic traditions.

Aon teanga – Un çhengey recognises the fundamental place of the Isle of Man in Gaeldom’s cultural triskelion, the classic Celtic triple-spiral. And with the recent burgeoning renaissance of traditional music on the island, Manx song is finding its place both at home and within her wider Gaelic family. What better time for the three song traditions to find their single voice again?

From Scotland, Mary Ann Kennedy – the highly respected musician, singer, writer, producer and broadcaster – joins Ruth Keggin, leading young singer of the current Manx Gaelic revival, and Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin, a traditional singer and classical musician from a Connemara sean nós song dynasty in the West of Ireland. Together they have created a Gaelic song-world that delves into traditional roots while boldly asserting the place of the Gaelic languages and culture in a contemporary world.

The music created and re-imagined includes new music and lyrics, contemporary reworkings of ancient texts, and adventurous arrangements of classic traditional material, all inspired by signature elements of Gaelic culture – the epic texts of common legend whose filmic scale and concepts offer limitless possibilities to the imagination, and the sea, the original 'highway' between the three nations linking one language and culture.