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Devane Dance

Artists Profile

The Devane Brothers

The world has enjoyed Irish step dancing like never before in recent decades.

However, we are now rediscovering an even more ancient and exhilarating form of Irish solo dance, as preserved by the legendary Devane family from a small, rural, fishing village in Connemara in the west of Ireland.

The Devane brothers are 5th generation ‘sean-nós’ (old-style) dancers and unrivalled masters of this exquisite art form. Incredibly, like their forefathers, they never attended a dance class.

Brothers Patrick and Gerard – recently returned from America – follow in the footsteps of their famous father, Séamus, who toured America, Canada, Japan, England and several European cities in the eighties with his passionate, spirited dance. The brothers now proudly carry on this tradition as passed down to them from their great great grandfather, generation by generation.

‘Sean-nós’ dancing is currently enjoying a revival in Ireland, but few if any other dancers can claim to have inherited this dance form by unbroken lineage, let alone as a 5th generation legacy. Furthermore, the duo’s dance is perfectly complimented by the pure, raw, rhythmic accordion music of Colm, another dancer brother.

To witness this powerful family legacy is a rare privilege … Turn back the clock and savour this ‘moment in time’!