Aki - Traditional Music Duo

Artists Profile

Ultan O’Brien & Aki

A Clare native fiddle player Ultan O’Brien (Skipper’s Alley) and a Dublin-based multi-instrumentalist Aki (Slow Moving Clouds) join forces to create a new exciting and versatile traditional music duo with its own unique meditative drone-rich sound.

Ultan O’Brien is a fiddle player and violist from Co. Clare. He is a member of the acclaimed traditional music band, Skipper’s Alley. Ultan is involved in a number of collaborative music projects within the traditional music world and further afield. He has recorded with and performs regularly with the band Juhn Echo and Aon Teanga: Un Çhengey

Aki is a multi-instrumentalist with a background in traditional, popular and experimental music. The night’s performance will feature some of the instruments that he has develop with various instrument makers to create a new sound textures that sit seamlessly with traditional soundscape. He is also a member of an experimental urban folk band Slow Moving Clouds.