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Orla Harrington - Fiddle player & dancer

Artists Profile

For Orla Harrington, music and dance are inseparable, bringing all the richness of the tradition to her playing. At the age of 3 she begins dancing and at 6 years she plays her first notes on the violin. From sessions to competition, she develops a musical maturity which had brought her to become an ambassador of Irish "trad", characteristic of Co. Clare.

She records two CDs, "Melting snow" in 2008 with Quentin Cooper and Eoin O'Neill and "Flagstone memories" in 2011 with Andrew Mac Namara and Jim Higgins, second album which leads to a promotional tour of the United States in 2012. Orla Harrington is bringing this musical heritage alive in Paris, France, since 2013, where she teaches Irish Dancing as TCRG and ADCRG at her own school and contributes to the living tradition of Irish music in regular sessions.