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Danny Diamond

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Danny Diamond is a fiddle player based in Dublin, Ireland. In his music Danny explores a unique sound-world, rooted in the rich heritage of Irish traditional music, but incorporating wider influences from Nordic and American folk to baroque music to experimental pop. He plays with the Irish traditional band Mórga, the experimental acoustic trio Slow Moving Clouds and released his debut solo album Fiddle Music in July 2014, which was widely acclaimed as one of the top Irish traditional releases of the year.

Danny is one of the founder-members of Mórga, a band which grew out of the vibrant traditional music scene in mid-2000s Galway. The band have been universally acclaimed for rekindling the energy of the seminal Irish recordings of the 1970s & 1920s. With Mórga, Danny has gigged extensively around Europe and released two albums, Mórga (2009) and For the Sake of Auld Decency (2013).

In addition to his work with Mórga, Danny released Danny & Aki – Music from the Irish, Nordic and American Traditions in Summer 2012. This collaboration with Finnish multi-instrumentalist Aki has been critically lauded and the duo are currently working with cellist Kevin Murphy as Slow Moving Clouds, an experimental acoustic trio drawing inspiration from Finnish and Irish folk music.

His solo project, Fiddle Music, combines Irish traditional music, new compositions and influences from Nordic and American folk music, all set to unique drone-based accompaniment. Fiddle Music brings the listener on a journey from deep in the Irish tradition into a unique contemporary sound-world.