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Tunes in the Church began during the summer of 2010 with the purpose of setting the standard for the presentation of traditional Irish music in Ireland. Over the summer months, concerts were held which featured established and less well-known musicians in a radius of Galway city and beyond. Each concert features a combination of traditional Irish musicians, singers and dancers in an authentic and genuine fashion.

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By challenging the concept that the home of Irish music should be in a pub setting, this concert series provides an unparalleled environment and respectful platform in which traditional musicians can showcase their talents. One of the aspects of this concert series that sets it apart from other formal traditional concerts is the element of interactive involvement by the audience; the audience and the performers are encouraged to engage with one another during the concert. For example, audience members are encouraged to participate in the experience by asking questions they may have for the performers, such as the background of their instruments, where they learned their music, and who or what influences their music. By allowing for open communication during the concerts, the barrier between the concept of ‘audience’ and ‘performer’ is challenged, therefore making each concert unique, fresh, and singularly authentic. The interaction between the audience and the performers results in the audience learning some of the defining qualties of traditional Irish music.

This includes hearing stories associated with certain tunes and tune names, as well as learning about how the living tradition is passed down from generation to generation. This natural approach gives an accurate reflection of the meaning of traditional Irish music and the process involved in the present living tradition and its connection to the past. Furthermore, it elicits the humour inherent in Irish culture and, for want of a better word, the ‘Irishness’ which is often lost in over produced shows.

At the interval of each concert, we invite you to come on a free historic tour of St. Nicholas’ Church. It is old, big and beautiful, and sits right in the middle of the medieval centre of Galway city. The church is dedicated to St Nicholas of Myra, patron saint of children (Santa Claus) and of mariners. Amongst the visitors to St Nicholas’ over the centuries the most famous is probably Christopher Columbus who prayed here during a visit to Galway in 1477. Less welcome were the Cromwellian troops who used the church as a stable for their horses after the siege of Galway in 1652. Come to Tunes in the Church this summer for an unforgettable musical and historical experience!