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Tunes in the Church CD

€ 15,00 each EUR

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Foreword - Cormac Begley

Sa dlúthdhiosca seo, tá rogha na gceoltóirí le clos a thabharfaidh tuairim níos fearr don éisteóir ar cad atá i gceist leis an dtogra seo go dtugaimíd ‘Tunes in the Church’ air. Tá súil agam go dtaitneoidh sé leat!

The signature characteristic of “Tunes in the Church” concerts is an acoustic, authentic, personal and interactive representation of Irish music, song and dance. Interactive involvement between the audience and the performers is central to the experience. Relaxed, natural, conversational communication during the concerts lowers the typical barrier between the ‘audience’ and ‘performer’, thereby making each concert unique, fresh, and singularly authentic. Further, by challenging the concept that the home of Irish music is a pub setting, this concert series provides an exceptionally respectful but family friendly setting for the listener and creates a platform upon which leading exponents of traditional music can showcase their fine talents.

‘Tunes in the Church’ began during the summer of 2010 with the purpose of setting the standard for the presentation of live traditional Irish music in Ireland. Over the summer months since then, concerts have featured both established and less well-known musicians, young and old, from all over Ireland.

The concert series was established for the enjoyment of all who love or who wish to learn more about traditional Irish music. This inaugural recording reflects the musical quality that “Tunes in the Church” strives to express and is an important component of the vision of making this original and unique concept an independent and self-sustainable venture. I’d like to extend a heart-felt thanks to all the musicians and friends who have so generously invested in this vision to date.

“I enjoyed playing there immensely. The setting is magnificent… the stained glass, sculpture and beauty of the ancient church makes an ancient music feel at home. The experience was uplifting” Tommy Peoples

“‘Tunes in the Church’ is a valued part of the city’s art life. Long may the tunes be heard on our sweet summer evenings in Galway.” 
James Harold, Arts Officer, Galway City Council

“‘Tunes in the Church’ is one of the most innovative, well-organised, culturally important and commercially scalable social enterprises that we have seen in the NUI Galway Students’ Union Enterprise Awards. This initiative is spearheaded by a creative, visionary business mind; a social enterprise leader of the future...”
NUI Galway Student’s Union Enterprise Awards Committee

This CD features:

  • Fiachna Ó Mongán (TG4 Young Musician of the Year)
  • Helen Diamond
  • Clíodhna Ní Bheaglaoich
  • Cormac Cannon
  • Breda Keville
  • Breanainn Ó Beaglaoich
  • Breandán Ó Beaglaoich
  • Gary Hastings
  • Jack Talty
  • Áine Bird
  • Saileog Ní Cheannabháin
  • Tommy Keane
  • Jacqueline McCarthy
  • Siobhán Keane
  • Paraic Mac Donnchadha
  • Cormac Begley
  • Marie McHugh
  • Tim McHugh
  • Paraic Keane
  • Liam Mac Congáil
  • Aidan Connolly

Thanks to:

Firstly, this concept would not possible without the ongoing support, patience and encouragement received from Rev. Gary Hastings. Secondly, thanks to all the musicians for their goodwill and for contributing to this series. In making this recording, I would like say a special thanks to Páraic Mac Donnchadha for making this recording possible, for his organisation of musicians and for his positive input on all aspects of this process. Bail ó Dhia ar do láimh! Other thanks to: Catherine Moore-Temple and the vestry at St. Nicholas’ Collegiate Church, Clíodhna, Sandra Shaw, Chris Plaice, Kelly Fitzhenry, Kevin Hough, Jack Talty, Edel Butler, Mandy Byrne, Dan Gurney, Ava Duignan, Aoife Ní Shuilleabháin, James Harold and the Galway Arts Office, and the ‘Student Union at NUI, Galway.